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Ask Cody

About Ask Cody

It’s all about offering the right information at the right time and place. It’s all about making it easy and intuitive to find one’s way through value adding technology that blends seamlessly with existing wayshowing artefacts and principles.

We make the necessary functionality and information available when needed and leave it out when not. Complexity is reduced making the wayfinding experience a great one for daily users as well as visitors

AskCody® provides indoor navigation solutions for large buildings and campuses, resource booking as well as visitor management solutions that creates a unique setting offering the best possible user experience in a flexible and dynamic indoor environment.

We’re a total supplier of digital wayshowing and information solutions and through close cooperation with the signage industry and IT Integrators we’re focusing on creating digital information solutions that supplements exisiting static signage.

We’re a company deeply rooted in more than 20 years of practical and theoretical experience in solving challenges related to wayfinding at hospitals, educational institutions, public buildings, and other large campuses. Our goal is to provide the individual user with a sense of security when navigating an uncharted environment so that the user feels confident on the way to his or her destination whether it’s by using the smartphone based AskCody WayFinder or by our range of digital signage solutions.